RiskED 2016

Assessing your risk management systems

 Welcome to RiskED

Nobody understands the value of education quite like those who work in the field. Because of that, I'm confident you'll be as excited as I am about the launch of CCI's RiskED initiative.

Over the coming months, weekly we'll be publishing RiskED articles exploring risk management in the education sector. The aim is to share the knowledge of a range of industry experts, and to make it relevant to you.

In the first week of RiskED​, we look at two topics of particular importance to the education sector: employment law and bullying. You'll find some great insights into these troublesome areas as well as tips on managing their risks.

Enjoy the read, and the series, and I hope it helps keep everyone in your community safer.​​

Mark Wilson

National Risk Services Manager

Risk Manager Plus
Risksupport's drive to develop new tools to support our clients in every way possible continues with the launch of innovative tools like our Risk and Compliance online system, Risk Manager Plus.
Risk Manager Plus has been designed in partnership with Integrum Management Systems to help you address the specific governance, risk and compliance needs of your Catholic organisation and it's community.
Learning Manager
Learning Manager is a web-based learning management system that can train your workforce no matter where people are located.
Because the entire system is online - from delivery and tracking to management and reporting - it's cost effective and gives you greater flexibility. Our extensive range of courses can up-skill your workers, help them understand their obligations, and in the end, help minimise your organisation's risks. ​​