Assessing your risk management systems

 Welcome to RiskED

After successfully launching last year, RiskEd is back for 2017 with another series of informative monthly articles on important risk management topics for the education sector.

This year, the popular Words from the Wise section takes centre stage. We'll be bringing you features from industry experts and CCI's own risk specialists. We hope sharing their firsthand experiences and advice will provide fresh perspectives and help you improve your own risk management strategies.

Please take a few moments out of your busy schedule to read the articles. They could save you time and money in future by helping you avoid incidents and claims. And, most importantly, they could help you protect the health and safety of all those in your community.

Mark Wilson

Head of Risk Management

Risk Manager Plus
Risksupport's drive to develop new tools to support our clients in every way possible continues with the launch of innovative tools like our Risk and Compliance online system, Risk Manager Plus.
Risk Manager Plus has been designed in partnership with Integrum Management Systems to help you address the specific governance, risk and compliance needs of your Catholic organisation and it's community.
Learning Manager
Learning Manager is a web-based learning management system that can train your workforce no matter where people are located.
Because the entire system is online - from delivery and tracking to management and reporting - it's cost effective and gives you greater flexibility. Our extensive range of courses can up-skill your workers, help them understand their obligations, and in the end, help minimise your organisation's risks. ​​