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CCI is an insurance company created for the Church, by the Church. For over 100 years we've acted in the best interests of our clients by putting people before profits. Today, we continue to bring peace of mind to the Church community by being there when we're needed most.


risksupport is part of our commitment to being proactive and



We are a team dedicated to educating and helping you minimise the many risks Catholic organisations face every day.

We help you prevent disruptions to your valuable services, understand your legal obligations, put in place systems for dealing with incidents should they occur, and most importantly, help you protect the health and safety of all those associated with the work you do.

Our range of services has been designed specifically for Catholic organisations and includes risk assessment and profiling, workshops, online learning and risk reviews. Additionally, we have developed an extensive range of resources that explore risks that may affect Catholic organisations and how to better protect against them.

We regularly update and expand our services to ensure they evolve with technology, emerging risks and changing laws. This means you'll always have current information and be able to implement the latest best practice protocols.

Our risk management specialists have created this website to provide clients with a centralised knowledge centre of all risk-related resources and services to help you better protect your organisation.

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