Anti-discrimination Course

Help ensure your employees get a fair go

Learning Manager’s Anti-discrimination is a shorter course created from a topic covered in our Equal Employment Opportunity course, and designed to complement our Harassment & Bullying course.

Learners will be introduced to the laws aimed at ensuring everyone is treated fairly and that opportunities are given on the basis of merit and ability rather than personal characteristics such as race, gender or cultural background.

This shorter course is a great way of maximising your workers’ time by enabling them to focus purely on an essential topic. It’s completed online at the learner’s convenience, with an assessment and results given at the end of the course. Other features include a glossary of key terms, a help menu, and a bookmark function.


​What’s covered

  • Types of discrimination
  • Anti-discrimination laws
  • Your rights & responsibilities​

  • Lawful exceptions
  • Building productive diversity in your workplace

Download the Learning Manager Anti-discrimination course flyer.

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