Our top driver claims. Could you pick them?

CCI received more than 3,300 car insurance claims for the 2014 Calendar year. While the number of claims has reduced since the same time the previous year, driving still poses a significant risk to health and safety, as well as Church property.  

"A reduction in the total number of claims received is excellent news but there is plenty more we can all do to reduce overall driving risks," says CCI Risk Consultant, Chris Hall.

So, what are the big risks when it comes to drivers? Do you think you could pick the most common car insurance claims CCI receives? Here are a few we receive on a regular basis, in no particular order.

Giving way

Failing to give way to vehicles and other road users is one of the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents in Australia. Often distractions such as mobile phones or other in-car technologies are the cause, but there are many other reasons drivers fail to give way. From confusion about road rules, to poor visibility and most certainly, excessive speed. We receive numerous claims each year for collisions that have occurred as a result of drivers failing to give way.

Parking and reversing

Despite the fact these accidents generally occur at low speed, they can have a big impact, endangering health and safety, causing significant damage to property, interrupting services while damaged vehicles are off the road and driving the cost of insurance premiums up. New in-car technology like reversing cameras are reducing the risk but CCI still receives a substantial number of claims relating to these accidents.

Theft and malicious damage

Having a car broken into can be very distressing for drivers. If business equipment like laptops are stolen, there's also the risk of unauthorised access to sensitive business information and personal details. Crimes of this nature are common. According to figures just released by the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council, more than 52,000 motor vehicle thefts were recorded across Australian during 2014. We frequently receive claims for theft and malicious damage.

Could your drivers help reduce the risk?

"Improving our clients' understanding of driver safety issues is a priority," says Chris. "As part of our commitment to helping clients better understand and manage their risks we are pleased to launch our Driver Safety Awareness online training course."

Driver Safety Awareness training helps drivers understand their responsibilities and legal obligations, increases awareness of modern vehicle safety features, and can reduce the risk associated with common driving hazards such as fatigue, in-vehicle distractions and road conditions. Training is completed online which makes it convenient, with assessments and results given at the end of the course.

How do you access CCI's Driver Safety Awareness training?

For further information about Learning Manager, please contact the risksupport Helpdesk on 1300 660 827.


Posted: 1 June 2015

Topic: Fleet Management

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