Safety a Priority for Winter Sport

School sport is wonderful for students’ health and wellbeing. Unfortunately the risk of injury, from minor cuts and scrapes through to broken bones and more serious conditions is high.    

“Having a regular inspection program in place is extremely important,” says CCI Risk Consultant, Chris Hall. “CCI has received claims in the past for injuries relating to the failure by schools or other entities to adequately inspect their grounds and equipment. This should be avoidable.”

Surface safety

The Australian climate can leave sporting grounds cracked, hard and dry after summer creating slip, trip, fall and impact hazards. Top-dressed grounds can become soft and prone to shifting. Even synthetic surfaces need to be checked to ensure they are level and in good repair.  

Equipment check

The safety of sporting equipment is just as critical as the sporting surface. Ill-fitting protective gear
and out-dated, incorrectly installed or damaged sporting equipment can contribute to a range of injuries. Don’t forget to check boundary fences, sprinkler systems, scoreboards and goal posts for
wear and tear as well. All equipment should be regularly inspected, repaired or replaced in line with applicable Australian Standards.

Safe skills

If it has been six months since students were trained in the basics of winter sports like AFL and rugby it’s important to run refresher classes on the rules and skills required to participate, for example how to tackle safely.

Like to know more? CCI has a number of useful publications to help schools manage the
risks and meet their obligations including the fact sheets and checklists for Sportsgrounds, Activities and Equipment.

If you would like further information about Winter Sports Safety, please contact the risksupport Helpdesk on:
1300 660 827

Posted: 5 March 2014

Topic: School Safety

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