Work Health Safety (WHS) Review

Have your Work Health Safety Management System (WHSMS) independently reviewed and verified.

A Work Health Safety Review (WHSR) provides a professional, external and objective review of your WHSMS.

The detailed review can help to identify strengths and gaps in your current arrangements for managing WHS and can assist by offering recommendations for improvement.

The CCI review tool has been developed according to Australian Standard AS/NZ 4801:2001 and has been certified as an AS4801 Review Tool by RABQSA International. Clients that undergo accreditation styled reviews (such as schools and aged care) can use this report to assist in demonstrating continuous improvement with their safety systems.

The WHSMS Review can help to:

  • Create safer workplaces.
  • Ensure compliance with WHS laws and regulations including your 'due diligence' obligations.
  • Verify whether your system meets Australian Standard AS/NZS 4801:2001.
  • Demonstrate continuous improvement in your safety systems.
Key Points
  • The WHSMS Review provides the opportunity to ask questions on any WHS issue or concern and to receive feedback on how your WHS arrangements are working at a point in time.
  • The Review is conducted with the assistance of the Business Manager/Principal/Facility Manager to identify how organisations are implementing WHS.
  • The process of review includes a review of all key WHS related documentation such as WHS Manuals, policies and procedures.
  • A detailed report is produced containing recommendations for improvement. The review report will identify what you have in place and where you may need to develop additional policies, procedures or guidance.

Download the Work Health Safety (WHS) Review flyer. ​​

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