Driver Safety Awareness Course

Help keep drivers of work vehicles safe.


Learning Manager's Driver Safety Awareness course has been designed to help drivers learn important safety concepts, and encourage safe and responsible driving.

The course helps drivers understand their responsibilities and legal obligations, and introduces them to modern vehicle safety features including airbags and Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS). The course also provides tips to reduce the risk of common driving hazards including fatigue, distractions, poor weather and road conditions. Driver Safety Awareness also provides advice on how to respond to motor vehicle accidents.

The course is completed online at the driver's convenience, with assessments and results provided at the end of the course.

What's covered?

  • Legal obligations, roles and responsibilities, including duty of care
  • Important safety features
  • Common driving hazards
  • How to respond following an accident

Download the Learning Manager Driver Safety Awareness course flyer.

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